WHY did we start this service?

Photographs were being removed for maintenance work and being left around the building, being damaged and lost. All the photos were collected and research done into how to best display them for the entire Prior Community.

Increasingly being asked by relatives about their families that had attended so it is now freely available as a research tool.

WHERE will all the originals be kept?

Photographs and magazines will be stored in archive boxes in the cellar which is dry and cool. We are hoping to build a display unit in the Alumni office for visitors to peruse the medals, books and physical memorabilia.

HOW can I obtain copies of the photos?

You can download copies of the photos from the website. I print out copies in the office for visitors.

WHEN do you add new images/magazines?

We can only do this when money allows. It would be done in tranches, if we had £1,000 we could send off another decade of magazines.